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Attestation Services

OCAS Attestation is a global leader in certificate attestation in Odisha, visa service, legal translation, visiting visa services, Company Registration and IT solutions. We are standing in the industry with a global footprint and an experience of over two decades . We believe that our experienced customers are only setting us different parts of the world because they want to reach us at any point of their service.

OCAS Attestation is the First Registered Company in the state of Odisha for attestation and authentication of certificates. We help get your certificates and relevant documents attested for multiple purposes like pursuance of higher studies abroad, employment abroad, marriage, affidavits and many more. All companies operating in the Gulf and Middle East Region require attestation of Educational Documents from respective countries from where the candidate belongs.

Services in Odisha Document Attestation Services

We offer commercial , educational, degree, diploma, birth, marriage, pcc, affidavit, exports certificate attestation service from MEA, GAD, Home Department, HRD, Chamber of Commerce and Embassy/Consulate India for Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi and other Countries etc.

  • HRD Attestation .
  • MEA Attestation .
  • Apostille Attestation .
  • Embassy Attestation .
  • Degree Certificate Attestation .
  • Marriage certificate Attestation .
  • Birth Certificate Attestation .
  • Commercial or private document attestation

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Certificate Attestation Services In Odisha

The legalization / attestation of Certificates issued from Orissa include the authentication from the regional authorities till the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attestations consist of Authorities of Notary, General Administration Department, Human Resource Department, Ministry of External Affairs, Embassy or Consulate, Foreign Ministry, Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate etc. These Services are :

Hrd Attestation in Odisha

Human Resource Development Department Attestation of Certificates issued from India is possible for all the Certificates issued under MHRD , HRD as well as MHRD attestation can be completed from concern state only. HRD’s Authentication Department functioning under Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of India .

HRD Attestation also known as Legalization or Authentication on Certificate of Orissa State for the use of it in Foreign Countries or inside the Country. This Orissa State Certificate HRD Attestation or Authentication is the true and accurate representation of the facts or authenticity of that specified Certificate of Odisha State.

State education department attestation is known as the authentication of the certificate. A certificate is authenticated only in issued state education department after verify the content of the specified certificate. Authentication is the true an accurate representation of the authenticity of that specified certificate.

  • Bput Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Sct&vt Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Utkal Certificate Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Berhampur Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Sambalpur Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Fakirmohan(f.m.)Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Kiit Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Chse Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Ouat Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • North odisha Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • Ravenshaw Certificate HRD Attestation in Odisha
  • IIT Certificate Attestation in Odisha
  • Soa HRD Attestation in Odisha


OCAS Attestation is the Odisha’s largest attestatation services specialist locateed in Bhubaneswar,Odisha. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attests the documents only after these have been authenticated with the signature and seal/stamp of the designated authorities of the State Government/Union Territory/mantralaya/Chambers of Commerce from where the documents have been issued.

For educational document the Odisha state gives the authentication for the documents one can further present it to MEA for the final attestation. This the attestation includes proper validation from both the Odisha home departments and hrd department of state where the documents were issued before one can apply for the MEA apostille stamp.

Non- education certificate attestation of odisha state issued ,birth certificate attestation ,marriage certificate attestation and comercial document attestation from MEA or MEA APOSTILLE are to be pre-authenticated by the respective Chambers of Commerce before these can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA), New Delhi. The rubber stamp of the respective Chamber of Commerce or Mantralaya must be affixed on each document along with the name & designation of authorized signatory.

  • MEA Attestation in bhubaneswar,Odisha
  • MEA Attestation on degree certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on marksheet in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on birth certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on marriage certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on commercial certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on non-educational certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on private certificate in bhubaneswar
  • MEA Attestation on educational certificate in bhubaneswar


Embassy attestation is the most important process of certificate authentication . when the document or certificate completed from state authentication and also completed from mea attestation and lastly it is submitted to Concern embassy attest this.

Embassy attestation on certificate confirms that a specified certificate had been issued by the university or board and seal and signature on the particular certificate are genuine.

If you are going to abroad for job purpose your certificate have to be attested by that countries Embassy or consulate in India. Embassy will attest all Educational and Non-educational and commercial document if the certificate already attested by MEA( Ministry of External Affairs)

  • UAE Embassy Attestation
  • KUWAIT Embassy Attestation
  • QATAR Embassy Attestation
  • OMAN Embassy Attestation
  • SAUDI Embassy Attestation
  • BAHARIN Embassy Attestation